About Us


At Wildtracks we don’t just watch wildlife and love nature; our passions are to conserve and enrich it. When you come away with Wildtracks you travel with conservationists, biologists and environmentalists.

Our trips are generally not about making lists (although we will!) and ticking off species (although we can!); the focus of our trips is to gain an understanding of an area by interacting with and observing the intricacies of its landscapes, fauna and flora.


This is not all about us; on our trips you will have the opportunity to meet and learn from local conservationists and naturalists.

At Wildtracks we recognise that local knowledge is the best kind of knowledge. Not only will your days be enhanced by local experts, we will be stopping in small and family run guest houses and hotels.

You’ll get chance to speak a bit of the local lingo (whether in Latvia or Lancashire) and try out the local dishes. We make sure our trips give as much to the local people as we take from the amazing places they live in.


Thinking small is no bad thing. Especially when it comes to our group sizes. We believe you get the best out of a trip when there are fewer of us. That’s why we limit our trips to 6 to 8 people.

That’s not to say you’ll always have only the one guide looking after you for the whole of the tour. Quite often our tours will have a lead guide and one of our specialists.


As tourism becomes a truly global industry, we recognise our obligation to do what we love to do in a responsible and sustainable fashion. If you love to travel, sometimes flying is unavoidable. But at Wildtracks we measure and offset our carbon miles with the World Land Trust and encourage our guests to do the same.

Whilst on tour with us you’ll receive a complimentary Wildtracks recycled and reusable drinks bottle to keep our plastic habit to a minimum. We take this ethos back to the office, and that’s why most of our correspondence with you will be via email or phone – and occasionally pigeon – unless you really want your paper particulars in hand.


Meet The Team

We are a small, friendly and dedicated team of conservationists, ecologists and naturalists who have worked collectively for many years on sites and projects across the UK and overseas. Our passion and knowledge for nature and wildlife conservation is what drives us all and at Wildtracks we want to share that with you. So join us on a tour or – as we like to call them – an educational adventure!

Tim Coleshaw

Tour Leader

Tim is an all-round naturalist who has worked in wildlife conservation in the UK for over 30 years, specialising in the management of wetland nature reserves. He has travelled extensively in Europe, both professionally and for leisure, and has been organising wildlife-watching trips since 2012. Tim is also a keen photographer and can provide advice on improving your photographic technique on our tours.

Kate Gamez

Tour Leader

Kate has always been fascinated by the natural world and through this curiosity has built up an in-depth wildlife knowledge, particularly mammals and reptiles. This has led Kate to travel across the world to experience amazing wildlife and places.

She has a BSc and MSc in Environmental Management and fifteen years’ experience working in wildlife conservation in the UK where she currently works as Reserve Manager for a National Nature Reserve in the SW of England. She is always keen to share her knowledge and over the years has run many walks and training events for a variety of audiences.

Kate is also a trained mountain leader and qualified first-aider.

Katie Lloyd

Tour Leader

Katie has a background in conservation biology and has spent years studying the raptors of Scotland, Isle of Man and northern England before currently getting to grips with providing management advice on a range of habitats. She has travelled widely, working and volunteering on conservation projects across Europe, Asia and South America. She always likes to end a good day’s wildlife watching with a good natter around dinner – or at the pub if there’s one in walking distance.

Katie is Wildtracks’ bird specialist.

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